Army drug test question.?

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I am in the process of enlisting ( just took my ASVAB ). I have been drinking cranberry juice to clear out my system, but my recruiter told me i could use a drink that will do the trick. If i use a drink, does my system have to be clear after the test, or could i keep smoking up untill the day of the drug test? Do they test you again after that? I know this isnt worded well but its kinda hard for me to put into words.




  1. are you high right now genius  

  2. Go Seek Life Else Where you sound like someone who will not stop smoking pot!


    @dded; You will be tested and re-tested the entire time your in the military and IF some higher up decides you need a pop test you will go p**s right then.

    ADDED ! Get Use to it the Military will not cut you any SLACK

  3. Show a little pride in your country.  If you want to serve your country and protect it, obey it's laws.  

    And I'm not trying to be harsh like some people can be.  But it is a simple fact.  If you aren't mature enough to stop smoking doobie how can you possibly be mature enough to die for your country?

  4. Quit breaking the law. You are about to join the military man and you are going to break your Countries laws. If it was legal I wouldn't care but that is just hypocritical to join the military and still be a criminal.

    Get serious about your life because the military is serious.  

  5. No. You have to stop "smoking" and hope the drink your recruiter recommended really does work.

  6. Stop smoking now. Cranberry wont always work. If you p**s hot you have to wait 6 months. Drug tests are given every month after basic training.

  7. this the gange man? you can take visen if it is. cigs dont show up on uas. visen can be taken in pill form but when ingested it often makes your skin feel hot and scratchy. but clears everytime. my friends parents make them take drug tests and they take that.

  8. Well, my old unit was full of dope. We tested monthly and we caught everyone eventually. Some boys say Niacin works, but I wouldn't know. I would try to quit B4 you get in. If they catch you while you serve... your life will be ruined. Trust me. I've seen em jailed and kicked out. You don't get any veterans benefits with a dishonorable discharge. And you can't brag about serving your country when you get kicked out. Its real shameful. I'd say just quit. My only good advice man. Good luck.

  9. Have you ever thought the recruiter could be lying? It takes 6 week's to p**s clear. If they decide to they can take a blood,hair or even Spinal Tap test if they want. You don't seem fit for the Army, if you want to join the Army stop the drug's simple as. Yes, they do test you regularly all the way through your Recruitment and Army Career. You can't avoid it, if you refuse or test positive it's a Dishonorable Discharge for you and you will never work for the Goverment again.

  10. Sorry sweetie, but if you know you are going to enlist..teen or not..than you are old enough to know that smoking pot is a bad idea.  Pot can stay in the system for several weeks..and is the hardest to clean out since it gets into the hair follicles, fat cells and epidermis.  This is one of the reasons it is possible to test positive even if you were only around others smoking while you yourself didn't touch it.  Stop smoking now...wait at least 12 -16 weeks if possible and then test.  And don't smoke again.  If you test positive once you are enlisted..and they can test as often as they like, whenever they like, even calling you in when you are off duty and you can not will have a very short military career.

  11. If you want to join the Army, you have to stop abusing drugs.  There's no way around it.

  12. It usually takes about 30 days to clear your system.  Your recruiter can give you the specifics about how long you have to have been clean.  Good luck & thank you for serving!

  13. Im joing the Air Force and I had the same problem. Im 20 and use to smoke Although its hard you just gotta Stop! They do have special detox drinks but they are only masking agents that llast for six hours. When u go to MEPS they can have u waiting for your test way longer so you dont wanna count on it. What worked for me was WATER, WATER, WATER!! p**s until your just pissin out water, Gatorade, and exercise. Run sweat it out

  14. Of course they test you again!  Some units will even test you once a month to make sure you stay drug free.   Our army does not hand over an M16 assault rifles to potheads.  You really need to get serious and about this and mature before you join.  You can either stay a teenager or become a soldier.

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