Miguel Cabrera makes it to the list of 100 most powerful athletes in sports – MLB News

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Miguel Cabrera makes it to the list of 100 most powerful athletes in sports – MLB News
Miguel Cabrera, who had another wonderful season in 2011, has been ranked number 38 in the list of 100 most powerful athletes in sports. Cabrera is one of best hitters in the game right now. Since he made his Major League Baseball debut, the pitchers have
not been able to get him out cheaply. In fact, the only person capable of getting the better of him is himself as sometimes he can get carried away by the situation.
However, over the years, Cabrera has shown that he has the determination and mental toughness to perform under pressure. Batting with aggression and control, he helped Detroit Tigers win the American League division title last season. Cabrera is delighted
at his selection as the 38th most powerful athlete. Players from different sports are judged by a panel of judges every year.
“He plays hard and has an idea of what he wants to do at the plate and he doesn't get fooled many times and has a nice approach. He can field. He can hit. He has a lot of power. He can hit the opposite way. He has everything you can ask of a major-league
player,” White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said in an interview. 
“He’s phenomenal. He changes a team’s perspective and how they feel about themselves. He gets everybody believing, ‘We can do it. He’s got all the tools and he’s not intimidated by anything,” Willis commented on Cabrera.
Justin Verlander is the other Tiger, who has been selected for the list of most powerful athletes. The Tigers' ace displayed amazing pitching skills last season to win the American League Most Valuable Player of the season last year. With 24 wins and 25
strikeouts, he looked on top of his game play.
The 28 year old Cabrera will be looking to continue his hard work into the next season as well. If he can maintain his sensational form in 2012, he will have a great chance of making it to this list one more time. Considering his hitting skills and ability
to perform, it shouldn’t be surprise to anyone if he is placed a lot higher on the same list next season.



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