Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera hitting new heights – MLB News

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Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera hitting new heights – MLB News
The Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera changed the outlook of Sunday’s American League Division Series by hitting a two-run homer, with three hits to put the Tigers on the winning track. His solo performance helped the Tigers win 5-3 to tie the five-game series
at Yankees Stadium.
In April this year, the same slugger of Detroit found himself in a huge controversy after he was charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). The controversy could well jeopardize his entire career, among other things. Questions were raised about the
player’s overall conduct which kept on swirling until Cabrera tendered an apology for the supposedly reprehensible behaviour.
Nonetheless, the player did not look back after that. As the Detroit Tigers wrote a new chapter in the franchise’s history with their exceptionally great performance throughout the season, qualifying for the ALDS, Cabrera played the most integral role in
realising a dream which earlier seemed elusive.
On Sunday, the player singlehandedly reversed the tide against the New York Yankees and gave the Detroit Tigers a victory that it desperately needed after losing the first of the five-game series 9-3. Cabrera’s two-run homer constituted the most essential
part in winning the game.
"We work for this," Cabrera said. "We work to get a chance to be in the World Series, to get a shot. When you're here, you have nothing to lose."
Such has been the performance and the character of this influential and talented player that even the rivals cannot help complimenting his flawlessness. A legend in his own right, Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees positively thinks very highly of Cabrera.
"He's tremendous," Yankees’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez said. "When you think about him, you think about [Albert] Pujols, Manny [Ramirez], some of the real great hitters of the last century. He's really, really special.”
Many people do not understand or realise how difficult it became at one point in time for Cabrera to be where he stands today. The controversy, whereby he was charged with DUI, could have put an end to his glaringly outstanding career, but he survived.
Combining talent and innocence of his humour, Cabrera has been simply majestic with his performance this year. Having played 161 games so far, he has scored 111 runs, having 197 hits with 105 RBIs and 30 home-runs with a .344 average.
In the post-season series, he has a .429 average. With such a fascinating record, he is expected to storm any and every team the Tigers face in the days to come. Detroit will be looking to Cabrera to lead them over the powerful Yankees during their series.
It will be interesting to see what impact Cabrera has during the American League Division Series.



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