Miguel Cabrera’s at third base can be costly move– MLB News

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Miguel Cabrera’s at third base can be costly move– MLB News
Agreeing to a nine year $214 million contract, Prince Fielder has become one of the most expensive players in Detroit Tigers' history. Last season, Fielder displayed some high quality hitting skills to become one of the most wanted players in Major League Baseball. Hitting .299 with 120 RBI’s and 38 home-runs, he helped Milwaukee Brewers secure unforgettable wins in 2011.
Fielder has finally landed at the place where he always wanted to be. He will be looking to perform consistently to help the Tigers win the World Series title this season. However, Fielder’s addition to the Tigers will force Miguel Cabrera to the third base position. Batting at the first base position, Cabrera produced impressive performances last season.  
Reynolds said, "They will be scary and dangerous and fun to watch for years to come."
Former New York Mets’ general manager Steve Phillips expressed concern if Cabrera will be able to play at the position well enough to justify the move. Phillips is convinced that Cabrera will struggle at the third base position. With a poor .951 fielding percentage, he is placed 14th among 20 players, who has played at least 100 games at third base.
"What complicates it for me is that it's one thing to say you are sacrificing some defence for offense when you put Cabrera at third base," Phillips said. "You're already doing that at first base with Fielder. I don't know what second base is going to be for the Tigers. Jhonny Peralta in my mind does not have great range at short. He may have played a little better last year. I don't love him at shortstop."
Making a large number of unforced errors last season, he will want to be more athletic to perform third base duties effectively. It will be a challenging play for Cabrera, who hasn’t bent his back for quite some time now.
In his 14 games for the Tigers at third base, he committed five unforced errors with a poor .900 fielding average. To be successful at the third base, Cabrera will be looking to lose a lot of weight and improve his health and fitness.



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