Miguel Cabrera’s switch to third base can work for Detroit Tigers – MLB News

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Miguel Cabrera’s switch to third base can work for Detroit Tigers – MLB News
Briefly, Miguel Cabrera will be looking to work hard on his defensive skills to perform third base duties effectively this season. The hard hitting striker played first base for Detroit Tigers in the previous season. However, with Prince Fielder coming into the side, he has been switched to third base temporarily.
The 27-year-old Fielder signed a $214 million deal with the Tigers last month and it will be interesting to see what value he brings to the table. His batting average of .299 with 38 home-runs and 120 RBIs suggests that he is in terrific form.
In addition to being a phenomenal hitter, the guy has a decent defence as well, which makes an asset for any Major League Baseball. Fielder is expected to play first base this season, a move that will send Cabrera to third base.
While critics are convinced that the move will prove to be very costly for the Tigers, General Manager Dave Dombrowski has high hopes from the right handed striker. Cabrera has played third base previously but he has put on a great amount of weight in the last few seasons. To be effective at third base, he will be looking to be nimbler on his feet.
"Being the great hitter he is, obviously he has great hand-eye coordination, so moving left to right and seeing the ball into the glove, that's not going to be a problem," said Perry Hill, the former Marlins and Tigers infield coach. "What I would expect Jimmy Leyland will want from him is to catch the balls right at him, and the balls a step or two to the left or right. Make that routine play every time, and everything else is a bonus."
By making some adjustments in his game play, he can prove to be decent third baseman for the Tigers. Cabrera is expected to replace Brandon Inge and while he may not be as agile and athletic as Inge, he is one of the best hitters in the game. According to sources, Cabrera has lost 10-15 pounds in an effort shut his critics. If the reports are true, the switch may work for the Tigers.



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