Miguel Cabrera undergoes Oblique Strain during All-Star Game – MLB News

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Miguel Cabrera undergoes Oblique Strain during All-Star Game – MLB News
Detroit Tigers’ first baseman, Miguel Cabrera suffered a severe leaning sprain during the All-Star game played at Chase Field on July 12. It was such a sensitive part of the body that the batter would not play for a number of weeks after having this injury.
Basically, it is considered as an “oblique muscle”.
During the sixth inning of the game, Cabrera felt discomfort after swinging on a tricky throw of the pitcher. Oblique muscles are joined into the rib cage area and it is involved while the batter opens his arm to swing at the throw. In the initial analysis,
it seemed as it was a slight injury but after examination, it required a long day’s treatment.
Cabrera and the Tigers’ officials are hopeful for his immediate recovery but it looks as he will miss the next series against the Chicago Cubs, which started in the second half of the regular season. Many players underwent the same injury but they returned
to their natural routine after one or two days.
The American League’s manager, Ron Washington commented on the condition of Cabrera and said, “The trainer came and told me that Cabrera said he felt something in his side. The trainer said it’s just a slight strain of the right oblique.”
Recently, the Tampa Bay Rays’ third baseman, Evan Longoria experienced the same strain in his left oblique muscle during the second game of the regular season and went on the disabled list for about one month. Curtis Granderson also suffered an oblique sprain
during the Spring Training season but recovered just before the Opening Day.
Cabrera had a record in his nine-year MLB career as he did not go to the disabled list. In the 2010 season, Cabrera played 150 games with an exemplary performance and maintained his hitting streak during this span.
The 28-year-old Cabrera played his first MLB game for the Florida Marlins on June 20, 2003. At the end of his first season, he had 12 homers, 62 RBIs with a batting average of .268. After spending five years with the Marlins, Cabrera inked an eight-year
contract with the Tigers worth $153.3-million.
He served the Tigers beautifully in the last three years. During the regular season of 2010, Cabrera struck three home-runs in one game to take his team an effective lead against the Oakland Athletics. He finished the 2010 season with 38 home-runs, 126 RBIs
and a .328 batting average.
In his overall MLB career statistics, Cabrera had 1498 hits, 265 homers and 938 RBIs with a batting average of .313. Now it will be a challenging moment for Cabrera to overcome through that injury and makes his come-back with full form.



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