Qatar Volleyball League all set to get underway today – Volleyball news

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Qatar Volleyball League all set to get underway today – Volleyball news
According to the announced schedule of Qatar Volleyball Association (QVA), the 2012 Qatar Volleyball League will take centre stage on Saturday, January 28.
The multi-purpose Qatar SC indoor stadium in Doha, Qatar will provide the backdrop for volleyball league matches. The Qatar SC Stadium is mostly used for football matches but it has the capacity to hold other sports matches as well.
The 2012 Qatar Volleyball League will follow a new format this year, in which the first six winners out of eleven teams will advance to the QVBA Premier League. In the next run, the champions of QVBA Premier League and four other teams will advance to the
HH Heir Apparent Volleyball Cup, while rest of the teams will move to first Division league matches.
The top Qatari volleyball club team, the Al-Rayyan will open the first round of the league by taking on Army. On the other hand, teams of Al-Khor club and Police will contest their skills in the second playoff at Qatar SC indoor.
Al Rayyan is one of the top club teams in Qatar. They have a strong team line, which is a mixture of experienced and fresh players. Some of the Al Rayyan players have the experience of competing at the 2011 Asian Men’s Club Volleyball Championship, which
was played in Iran last year.
Al-Rayyan is ready to give a hard-knock to the conventional rival Army. However, the Army squad will be composed of sturdy players and it will not be an easy task to dismantle their power.
The first match of the Qatar Volleyball League has already created a lot of buzz among the volleyball enthusiasts. It is likely that the match will attract good number of fans to the Qatar SC Stadium.
The second playoff of the league is equally important as the professional team Al-Khor will be on board to shake hands with team from Qatar Police Department. Lets’ see if the civil men will manage to overcome the Police on the volleyball court.
There has been a growing awareness about the sport of volleyball Qatar in the recent years. The Qatar Volleyball Association is optimistic that national league matches will have strong presence of fans.



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