Abu Dhabi HSBC Open: Neck Injury acts as a hurdle for Lee Westwood

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Abu Dhabi HSBC Open: Neck Injury acts as a hurdle for Lee Westwood
Lee Westwood is making his first appearance in a main event this year and that presence is also being disturbed by the severe niggling of the neck injury he encountered.
World No. 2 Lee Westwood at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Open stated that his neck injury is deteriorating every day and he is finding it difficult to continue his performance.
38-year-old Briton golfer stated about the pain he was suffering from in his right shoulder and elbow in the second round of the game after he was able to reach level-par-72.
He explained, "I felt it more yesterday than I did in Wednesday's pro-am and today I felt it quite a lot.The neck locked up some time over Christmas and the pain refers down into the shoulder and then into the elbow; sometimes it's like a needle's being driven in there".
He also said that he has been experiencing the pain for over a month and he has been playing all his tournaments in the very same condition.
However, he said that he will be contacting his physiotherapist about his condition to ensure that there is nothing serious about his physical condition.
Furthermore, it is also important for Westwood to be as fit as fiddle because it has been a while since he last won any mainstream events in the sport.
He has been winning regional ones, but with the help of Abu Dhabi Open, he will not only be able to stabilise his position in the top ranks, but will also provide himself, the much awaited breakthrough.
In addition to this, Westwood was also able to demonstrate his skills by beginning his round at the 10th.
With the help of some tremendous birdies, he was able to score well in the initial stages of his game.
When asked whether there are chances about his withdrawal from the tournament, Westwood said, "If I had hit it regularly in the long rough on my back nine I would have struggled but fortunately I didn't. I hit it off line a couple of times but it went in the desert and that's not quite so bad".
According to pundits, if due to some unavoidable condition Westwood marches back home, the thrill and excitement of the event will definitely diminish.



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