Rickie Fowler signs complete sponsorship deal with Cobra Puma Golf – Golf News

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Rickie Fowler signs complete sponsorship deal with Cobra Puma Golf – Golf News
Bob Philion, President of Cobra Puma Golf, has confirmed to sponsor the emerging young golf star, Rickie Fowler, to endorse their products on and off the course.
Fowler signed with Puma Golf in 2009 and continued his commitment with the company while signing a full contract with Cobra Puma Golf.
He will now get the full set of golfing equipment, accessories and Tour Staff Bags sponsored by Cobra Puma Golf brand.
“Rickie’s focus, determination and performance combined with his stand out style and joy for the game make him a perfect match for Cobra Golf,” Philion said.
He went on to say that Fowler is now a sensation on the golf course and his influence on the game of golf is continuously growing.
Therefore, he can be an important asset to Cobra Golf, as the company is in the process of revitalising the brand globally.
In such a case, Fowler will play as an instrumental role to bring the brand closer to the lives of the people, while displaying a unique and classy game.
Fowler will be featuring in the upcoming Cobra and Puma Golf’s marketing campaigns, which will introduce the brand to a new set of consumers all over the world.
After the sponsorship deal, Fowler was very pleased, as he will be using the complete set of the latest clubs available with the company.
He used some of the Puma Golf equipment earlier and had a good experience using it.
“I am so excited to have the COBRA sticks in my bag and be a full part of the Cobra Puma GOLF Team,” said Fowler.
He added, “I’ve been hitting the AMP Driver great, I’m getting a lot more distance and the orange details look really fresh. I can’t wait to get out at Torrey Pines and put my new Cobra clubs into play”.
He will now enter the field of Farmers Insurance Open, at the renowned Torrey Pines Golf Course, with a new set of Cobra Puma Golf clubs and the accessories, endorsing the name of the company.
His supporters may also be seen in the orange outfits on the course to support his new deal with Cobra Puma Golf.



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