CEV Press Award goes to Generali and Zurich – Volleyball news

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CEV Press Award goes to Generali and Zurich – Volleyball news
Confederation European de Volleyball (CEV) has honoured the German Men’s Volleyball club, Generali UNTERHACHING and Swiss Women’s team Voléro ZÜRICH with the Press Award.
The European Volleyball Federation acknowledged their presence at the recently completed event of 2011 CEV Champions League. Both these squads actively participated in the campaign and remained under the spotlight for their outstanding “public relation”
and media work.
The CEV Communication Department especially extended the ‘word of thank’ to all the Press Officers, who put up a great effort and made it a memorable event of the European Volleyball.
Generali UNTERHACHING started out really well in the tournament. They displayed a great show of volleyball in the first preliminary round of the Champions League. The German team was placed in the Pool A of the tournament. They were accompanied by teams
from Russia, Bulgaria and France. Gererali staged a great game and settled for second slot in the pool ranking.
The team successfully paved its way to the Playoffs 12 and clashed with JASTRZEBSKI Wegiel of Poland. They played two matches and a golden set in Playoffs 12 stage. The Poles proved to be the detractors for German team and defeated them in the golden set.
Generali could not advance from the Playoffs 12 but they were admired for exhibiting a great temperament in the game.
On the other hand, the Volero ZURICH Women’s Team from Switzerland entered the 2011 CEV Champions League in Pool C. They were grouped with teams from Turkey, France and Spain. The Swiss ladies worked out a great performance and finished the first preliminary
round with loss of just one match. They emerged as the second best team of Pool C and advanced to the Playoffs 12.
They remained on the winning track and confirmed their thirst for victory in the Playoffs 12. The Swiss team was put with Russian Zarechie Odintsovo. The resilient rivals gave a hard time to Swiss team but could not stop them moving forward to the next phase
of the championship. Zurich Team captured the golden set and earned a ticket to the crucial stage of Playoffs 6.
Afterwards, they showed good performance in the Playoffs 6 but they had the daunting task to overcome Italy’s multiple national champions Scavolini PESARO. The Turk ladies proved to be better side and pushed Volero behind.
However, it was a great achievement for Swiss team to finish the 2011 Champions League in top-6.  
The CEV highly appreciated the great work of these two teams and chose them for the Press Award. The Confederation European de Volleyball is supposed to organise a major Volleyball Gala in the coming month of July. The teams of Generali and Volero will awarded
a check of 6,500 € as a token of appreciation.



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