Chicago Cubs' Josh Vitters looking for MLB appearance – MLB News

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Chicago Cubs' Josh Vitters looking for MLB appearance – MLB News
The Chicago Cubs’ potentially strong candidate for the Major League this year, Josh Vitters, stated on Friday, January 27, that he feels healthy and has made good adjustments to have a more productive season. The young player who was plagued with injuries
in 2010 has yet to make it into the Major League.
The Cubs’ first draft pick in 2007 was a third baseman and considering the unprecedented changes that the club has recently undergone, Vitters stands a bright chance to be included into the 40-men roster at any point in time this season.
Speaking on Friday, the third baseman called 2011 successful compared to the preceding year that witnessed adverse circumstances for the player owing to the injuries he sustained.
"It was definitely successful," Vitters said of last season, during which he played at Double-A Tennessee. "I played and I was healthy the whole year. That's all I can really ask for. I made some good adjustments and learned some new things. I think that
will definitely carry me into next year and an even more productive season next year."
The Chicago Cubs are now turning to the youngsters to form a combination of experienced and talented youth. It is this reason that there is a predominant likelihood of Vitters making his way into the team.
Having played 129 games in 2011, the third baseman had a .283 batting average with 14 homers to his credit and 81 runs. Vitters, from his style of play and consistency apart from the unavoidable injuries, has so far left a good impression on everyone.
"It's always a constant battle of adjustments every season," Vitters said. "It's good to be armed with a lot of good techniques to learn how to fix your swing when it needs fixing."
Although massively talented, the inability to play in any Major League game may have frustrated him. However, he is positive-minded. Although he wished to be in the team in 2011, he could not make it. However, this season there is a strong possibility that
this will be the year he might see his presence in the team.



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