Justin Verlander makes it to the list of 100 most powerful athletes in sports – MLB News

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Justin Verlander makes it to the list of 100 most powerful athletes in sports – MLB News
According to a leading sports websites, Justin Verlander has been ranked number 53 in the list of 100 most powerful athletes in sports. Verlander displayed some high quality pitching skills last season to help Detroit Tigers win the American League title division. Miguel Cabrera is the other Tiger in the list of 100 most powerful athletes of 2011.
The right handed striker made his Major League debut in 2006 and he has improved his pitching skills considerably since then. However, it was not until 2011 when he fully realised his immense potential. Verlander achieved his 1000th career strikeout early in the regular season. He also became the first pitcher to have 20 or more wins in a season for Tigers since Bill Gullickson achieved this feat in 1991.
”He’s a great pitcher, he really is. He’s got more than average stuff. The more you are in the big leagues, the more you come to grips with how things are up here and the more you settle down and learn how to actually pitch. He’s starting to do that right now, a little earlier than most people expected,” Team-mate Brandon Inge said in an interview.
“Justin Verlander is what he is—a talented pitcher with a fastball that sets the radar gun into hyper drive,” he further added.
With 24 wins, 250 strike-outs and an incredible .240 ERA, Verlander won the Triple Crown of pitching at the end of 2011 season. For his astonishing achievements, he was also awarded the Most Valuable Players of the season title. Major League Baseball 2K12, named Verlander the cover athlete of November 2011.
Verlander received numerous awards for his consistent and match winning performances in 2011. Putting in a great amount of hard work into his game play, the Tigers' ace cemented his place made a name for himself.
In addition to his throwing skills, Verlander has a great desire to learn new tricks. He has already started to train hard for next season and it should not be a surprise to anyone if he is placed a lot higher on this list next season.



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