Why do people ask p***s related Questions in Men's health

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why do people ask only p***s related Questions in Men's health and Period related Questions in Women's health . Why do they care only these two things . I never seen Questions related to heart , liver, kidney etc.What is going on ? Do they care only sexual problems or lack of knowledge ?




  1. I was just about to ask that question...

  2. i guess they want to know about the sexual thing and because men do have penises and women has vaginas.

  3. I saw (and answered) a question much like this in women's health. I also saw a question posted in men's health asking what cel phone he should get. Many people do not read the questions that have already been asked before they post their own. Personally, I don't see what p***s size or how tall someone will be when they grow up has to do with health. Questions on menstruation do actually have some relevance to women's health, but laziness ends up flooding the boards with the same questions. It's sad, since a lot of people will only look at the first page of questions, and those are generally filled with a dozen posts that are the same exact question answered so many times before.

    If you filter out all the chaff, there are plenty of legitimate questions asked, and many of them actually pertain to the category they're posted in. They just aren't always easy to find.

  4. You do realize that you just asked a p***s question in the Men's Health section.....

  5. this is Mens Health its talking about the Males system so which has to do with the urinary system which is the p***s

  6. Because those are the topics that are kinda taboo and embarassing to ask in church, school, or family dinner table. Questions relating to innard problems can be easily addressed to your doctor, family member, or friend.

  7. you know i have the sameeee question.

  8. You can find others health-related problems in general health category. Sometimes, This categories are titled with Men's Health and Women's Health.  So, specific issues relating to each one's possession are addressed here.  But it is very informative.

  9. Because this category is Men's Health and it's all about men and men's systems.

    Actually we can see other questions about men as well (occasionally) but yeah I have to admit that most of the questions asked here are about p***s, p***s' size and like "can i get taller" or sth like these.

    And we cannot stop people asking these sort of questions because they have the right to ask them and they just needed help. Well most of them are teenagers so they're just still too immature to know everything and they just want to know the truth to solve the problems in their minds.

  10. Well, in part, it's because we have penises and like them very much and talk about them just about every chance we get online.  I certainly care about other body parts but my p***s is my favorite.  :-)

  11. This is MEN'S HEALTH! that might be why

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