Both men and women have nipples ...Why it does useless in males

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Both men and women have nipples ...Why it does useless in males




  1. in fetu (during gesation in the womb) the nipples and chest are formed prior to the formation of s*x organs. asd a consequence, other than the uterus, p***s, testes, and ovaries, there are very few anatomical differences between men and women. the presence of nipples is because they are formed earlier.

  2. because in the womb ( b4 the gender is decided of the developing feoutus*) we all resemble girls -and so  have nippels and no testicels or p***s -then depending on which hormone is released we develop differently -so if testosterome is released then the baby will develop male charactheristics such as a p***s -though the nippels are already there and so stay with you

  3. Maybe there's another purpose--enhancing s*x.  Closeness and pleasure by touching can be nice, and practiced by both partners.

  4. During s*x have your partner take an ice cube in their mouth, and let them glide it over your nipples while flicking them with their tongue.

    You will find out that nipples on men are not useless.  

  5. Every guy started out life (in-utero) as a girl.

    The beginnings of the basic parts were there.  If the fetus decided to become male, what would have been ovaries instead became testes, etc.  I've heard the v****a described as an inside out p***s (or vice versa).  The nipples are the only tell-tale sign of our origin.

  6. Useless???  Not at all!  Whenever I'm jerking the gherkin, I rub some lotion or soap on my nipple & work that with my thumb as I'm working the shaft.  Try it & you will know why you have nipples.  

  7. they arent it has been found that most percent of males can breast feed  

  8. Haven't you ever had someone l**k your male nipples during s*x?  There's your answer.

  9. They're not useless, it serves for stimulating desire at the intercourse (before s*x).  Otherwise, they look s**y on a man's chest.  hahaha!!!

  10. Not exactly useless. A lot of guys have sensitive nipples... so that's another erogenous zone.

  11. because it would take too much for nature to get rid of them, but with Hormone treatment men can give Milk, not as much as a female but some

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