I am a student in high school student and am wondering how to get sponsors?

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I would really like to go on an educational trip to Spain this summer. I am looking to get sponsorships from different companies. Problem is- I don't know how! Please help me out on how to get started on this.




  1. My guess would to make up a sort of resume for yourself.  Put all the awards you have won, and tell them why you want to go to Spain and what you will learn....  You should reward them in some way if they do sponsor you.

  2. Approach local businesses with this, be prepared for some sort of essay or other proof that you're serious about this being an educational trip.  The sponsorship will have to go through your school, have all the information they'll need prepared.  Don't just go to every business without caring who's who, go to places that may have good reason to sponsor students in a way that makes them look like they care about education.  Stores with a history of charitable giving may be willing to help, as will large visible companies.  A local McDonalds might donate some in order to look good, and show your face saying they're sponsoring you and giving back to the community.

    You basically have to sell yourself as being someone they want to help because it makes them look good (and they get tax breaks on it for education sponsorship), and you have to be honestly enthusiastic about the educational benefits, without it sounding like you're trying too hard.

    You'll have to spend a lot of time on this, you'll approach a lot of businesses.  Don't just go in, leave information, and run off.  Try to see the manager in charge, make your case, and see if they want to help.

    Remember, businesses with local ties are much more likely to help.  Chain restaurants, department stores (Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, etc), and local industry (Ask anyone what the big companies in town are, the ones that really have an impact on the town) are all good shots.

    You're going to work very hard to get this, but you can make it.  Good luck.

  3. You have to give them something in return for their money.

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