Im wondering about if i am 100% polish?

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My parents are 100% polish . But i was born in italy, does that make me any percantage italian? or am i 100% polish because my parents are?




  1. You can be both Italian and Polish. Entire USA consists of immigrants from other countries claiming to be American once they get citizenship

  2. You are Polish with no doubt! :)

  3. this is odd, same here. both parents from poland and im from italy...tooo, we are 100% because ITS WHATS IN THE BLOOD THAT COUNTS!!! I found that out from my aunt...

  4. Yo mama ur Polish n be done wae it

  5. Since your parents are 100% polish you are as well 100% polish.

  6. no it doesn't. you are only Polish and ur not Italian.

    just becuz you were born there doesnt mean ur "Italian".

    however, people may see you as Italian,,, regardless of color

  7. You are not Italian. You are Polish.

  8. Yes, you are.

  9. If your parents are 100% Polish, then that makes your genes 100% Polish irregardless of where you were born.

    You are an Italian-born Polish (Polish descendant born in Italy)....that's all...

    Hope that makes it clear for you.

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