Does FAFSA provide financial aid to students who plan to study in foreign countries?

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I was thinking of studying in Spain or England, as in moving there and spending four years there. Would FAFSA cover these expenses or is it only for permanent domestic study?




  1. Well the FAFSA is just the form you are required to fill out in order to be eligible for Financial Aid.

    And no, unless you're doing a program THROUGH an accredited college/university here (like a year of study abroad), Federal Financial Aid (Stafford Loans/Pell Grants) isn't going to cover you.

  2. If your school is listed here (the Federal School Code Search) you can use federal funds to study there.

    Put in your year, choose "Search," and look for your school on the next page (Foreign Country in the first pulldown).

    A surprising amount of overseas schools are approved to receive U.S. federal funds.

  3. No.  Financial aid only covers schools in the United States.

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