I'm trying to get a Florida Scholarship. Can I get a 3.0? how about 3.5?

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If I had mostly B's and C's (with an A or two) during my first two years of high school and make all A's my junior and senior year. Do I have a good chance of getting a 3.0. The bright futures scholarship will pay for 70% of my schooling if I go to college in Florida but I have to get a 3.0. If I get a 3.5, They will pay for 100 percent. Do I have a shot?




  1. To qualify for Bright Futures, you will need to maintain a particular GPA while taking certain core courses as determined by Florida Statute. The Medallion (the one that pays 75% of tuition at public universities or 100% tuition at community colleges) requires that you have a 3.0 and the following core courses:

    4 English (3 with substantial writing)

      3 Mathematics (Algebra I and above)

      3 Natural Science (2 with substantial lab)

      3 Social Science

      2 Foreign Language (in the same language)

    15 Credits

    May use up to three additional credits from courses in the academic areas listed above as well as AP, or IB, or AICE fine arts courses to raise the GPA

    Talk to you guidance counselor at your school to see if you need to adjust your schedule to include these core classes so you will qualify if you maintain your 3.0. Good luck!

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