Hey, i am an australian high school student and i am wondering the average age for 1st yr college in america?

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I am 6'5" and will be 17 at the end of the year when I graduate. i want to play basketball in America and I wondering how old the college players are. Thanks guys!




  1. Wow you're really tall!!  The average age for a college freshman in America is 18.  However, I will be 17 when I start college (only because I went to school a year early).

  2. Generally, 1st year college students are 17 - 18 years old.  Some are older, some younger, but that is the norm.

  3. Usually 18, but 17 as well.

  4. eighteen is the average... but there are many who are sixteen and seventeen.  Loads who are much older that start college after a hiatus or a  break.

  5. its usually 18 or something

  6. its usually 18. sometimes 19 sometimes 17.

  7. !8  for university in u.s.a  and you can try out for the teamwhen you go to the universirty.

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