Ok me and some other peps are having a shower for a friend but 3 of us are doing more then the others?

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so how should i word it when it comes to hosting help me please




  1. Unfortunately for you this day is for the person you are having the shower for and she should NOT be dragged into the conflict that occurred that went into putting on the shower.  Proper etiquette says "suck it up" and just say that everyone put on the shower and let it be as such.  You are mature and it would seem immature for you to separate who did what and how much.  Make the day as carefree and stresses and enjoyable as it can be.  Let the pettiness go and enjoy yourself as much as possible.  You and your other friends who did the majority of the work did a good thing and Karma comes back in a positive way to those who do good things.  It also comes back in a negative way to those who do negative things.  Let nature take care of these types of situations.

    Peace & Love :)

  2. Well either you have to force everyone to help, give them a little thank you for whatever they did manage to pull out for the party or just leave them off.

    You can either announce the shower as being hosted by XYZ with help from ABC (whoever is dragging their feet) or just leave them off. You can also say the shower is hosted by XYZ with special thanks to ABC for their part in helping to co-ordinate the event. [ which is a little nicer but still leaves everyone aware of who did the thing ] Or just realize that the most important part of the day (regardless of who is responsible) is that whoever the shower is for has an awesome time and let it go.

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