My boy friend has a problem with Premature Ejaculation, what kind of a doctor should he see? What can we do?

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My boy friend has a problem with Premature Ejaculation, what kind of a doctor should he see? What can we do?




  1. Leave him, it ai'nt worth it.

  2. A doctor probably isn't necessary, and there are numerous things you could try first.

    1.  Kegal exercises

    These are basically exercises for the muscles involved in childbirth (for women), and urinating (for men).

    2.  Mind tricks

    He good at math?  Enjoy it?  Good.  Have him solve long division problems the next time you're having intercourse.  Have him double a number starting at 1.  This is simply to distract him from what he's doing physically (By separating the mind and body, the body will last longer, since it always comes before the mind).

    3.  Decrease the sensitivity for him

    Various ways to do this.  Hear about those condoms for lasting longer?  They do work (somewhat), but why is something Trojan doesn't exactly advertise.  What they have is a mild topical anesthetic applied to them.  That is, by using these condoms, they slightly reduce the sensation he's receiving on the head of his p***s, and by reducing his feeling, make him last longer.  

    Another way, is if he comes earlier in the day.  If he hasn't ejaculated recently, he'll be more sensitive than if he's come an hour earlier or so (Look at the hair gel scene in "There's Something About Mary" for a example here).

    And another method, (if you're using condoms), have him put on two.  If he's got more insulation from you, he's going to receive less sensation, and therefore last longer.

    4.  Various other techniques, such as Tantric.  

    Frankly, I doubt you're experienced (or he's serious) enough to seriously use tantric, but if you want to get a lot better s*x later on, it's a option.  But, as a simple "trick" you can use from it, before you have s*x, find and identify his perenium

    Technical description:  http://medical-dictionary.thefreediction...

    Basically, the perenium is a point about halfway between his a**s and his genitals that can stop ejaculation when it has solid pressure applied to it , you could attempt to stop him if he's about to lose control by slowing down and applying consistent pressure to this area when he's about to come.

    5. Retrain him.

    This is the most important point, and probably is the cause of your problem(s).  Your boyfriend is a dog.  Literally?  No, but ever hear of Pavlov?  Brief description here:

    Pavlov was a scientist who did a experiment with dogs.  Having the dogs set up with devices to measure there drool, every time he fed them (or slightly before), he rang a bell.  Soon enough, all he had to do was ring the bell to make them drool.

    How this relates to your boyfriend:

    1.  Chances are, your boyfriend does (or has) masturbated

    2.  Depending on if he still does, or did for a long period of time, he only had himself to please.

    Now, if he's satisfied himself with Ms. Palm and her 5 lovely daughters repeatedly, chances are good he's trained himself to come quickly (Rarely is a guy longing to savor the moment with lefty).

    So, if he is still masturbating, tell him to knock it off.

    Then, here's the fun part - You get to retrain the dog.

    Pavlov's dogs eventually quit drooling from the bell alone after the link (the food) was removed from the equation.  So, as long as he quits visiting the house of fistful pleasure, he'll have to worry more about your satisfaction than just his alone.

    Now, he's the annoying part:  If he doesn't stop saluting himself, he will simply make it a random "reward", and extend the time it takes to retrain him to last more than 13 seconds.  (I'm assuming he isn't the type of guy who has enough control to retrain himself, chances are if he was, you wouldn't be asking this here)

    Where you come in:  Basically, your job is to now "tease" him.  After making it clear that you're basically going to help him to last longer, you're going to have to "exercise" together.  

    Because you're probably not experienced enough to control him (and yourself) while having vaginal s*x, by either a handjob or oral s*x you're going to repeatedly push, and pull him from the brink.

    For example: While giving him a handjob, pay attention to how he's responding.. If he starts losing control, what you have to do is suddenly stop, and instead so something like squeeze the head of his p***s with significant enough pressure that it acts like a break for his out-of-control train ejaculation...

    Then, after he calms down, you start pushing him off the brink again.

    Push-pull, push-pull... Everytime he's about to come, it should be like you giving him a ice-cold shower cooling him off... Eventually, he should be able to last longer by more correctly identifying when he starts losing control, and simply not being in the habit of coming instantly once he reaches the red zone.

    If all else fails, it could be a medical issue, but more often than not, it's simply a psychological one.  That isn't to say it isn't serious, or he can simply stop, it's simply more often than not a bad habit (Like smoking o

  3. urologist or and endocrinologist

  4. premature ejaculation is not often a medical condition but one of control. I am not sure there is much a Dr can do, unless it is a s*x therapist,  this is something he will have to learn and control.

  5. You dont need to see a doctor browse the internet for the squeeze technique for premature ejaculation.  It will show you the treatment for premature ejaculation.

  6. Vibrator for you. Sorry to hear. I'm done.

  7. he can try masturbating about 15 mins before sexual intercourse and he will last longer you can also try using a c**k ring.

  8. Try squeeze technique. It works  

  9. urologist

  10. Its your own fault for being too hot. Gain 40 pounds and don't shave or shower for a few weeks.

    Do that and he'll last all night.

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