Shave before or after shower?

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I have the Braun pulsonic electric shaver, and I was wondering if its better to shave before a shower or after, because I've heard people say both.




  1. after the skin will be smoother

  2. after your whiskers will be softer.

  3. i personally would shave during cause then it all washes away and i would go and buy some male hair removal cream its a lot easier and dosn't itch when it grows back

  4. i would think before, while the hair is nice and dry

  5. ok, this really depends on what ur using. if its an electric, then it probably for the best if u do it either before, or once ur dry. personally, its better, in my opinion, to use a good disposable either durring or after the shower, b/c the hair will be softer and ther'll be less chance of irritation

  6. after cause you hair will be easier to cut. Also electric shavers suck. Stick to gillette or something.

  7. After, the shower softens up your hair, It would be better if you used an electric razor though..

  8. After the shower  

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