What happens when you call INS???

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I have 5-6 Mexicans living above me in a 2 bedroom apartment.

It seems every month, someone else moves in that apartment with the current people.

I talked to my apartment manager about it, and she can't do anything about it.

These people are loud, rude, and dirty. I have roaches after 2 people moved in with them upstairs.

What happens when you call INS??

What do they ask and what info do I need to give them??




  1. call the police...why do you assume they are illegal aliens and need to call ins? i hate to break it to you....but many mexican-americans families have lived in the area we call the usa since before the signing of the declaration of independence. call the police if they are loud. and, you may have had roaches before they got there for all you know...

  2. Call the police first unless you are certain they are illegals, if you are then call I.C.E. Im surprised the apartment manager says there is nothing they can do about it. Most decent apartments allow 2 adults per bedroom and that is it. There are other ways to get them out but try to stay legal in your approaches first.

  3. haha and how do you know they're illegal? if they disturb you call the police not immigration.

    also if you call immigration they will most likely not care about what you say, they don't waste their time going to just deport like 5 guys, they rather do raids and deport like 300 than just a few, also, you'd get in deep s**t if they're not illegal, they can sue you if that's the case.

    be happy and enjoy your life

  4. Why are you considering calling INS? you seem a little racist against Mexicans, and just because they aren't perfect like you, doesn't make them illegal. If you are not certain that they're illegal, don't bother calling. You are wasting their time and my tax dollars. Move or grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. INS would have the put in prison and seperate them from their children for life. They are to poor and the roaches are common you just need to get use to living with roaches.

  6. Nothing will happen because INS does not exist anymore, they were broken up when Homeland Security was created.  The agency you want to call is ICE.  

    As to what will happen depends very much on what their work load is.  A sad fact of life is that the agency has does not have enough money to do everything they need to do, so they have to make sure they get good "bang for the buck".  So it all depends.  However the way to guarantee nothing happens is to not call.

  7. They will get sent back to their home country, witch is really not a punishment if you think about it. If they are living is sub standard conditions and causing a roach infestation then you owe it to yourself to do something about it.

    Best thing I can say is to contact ICE, you can also contact your local police department and complain about the noise, do it repeatedly if needed.

    Reporting illegal behavior is not a waste of tax dollars.

    Reporting Mexicans living illegally in the U.S. in not racism.

    If you do report them to immigration, no one will get deported... so no big deal.

  8. I can understand your concern! To the following responders who presume these South American aliens are legal, is highly unlikely! There has been an infiltration by too many undocumented individuals crossing the border and do not abide by the law to obtain legal status. This is not a racist issue! It is an economical situation as 1000's are crossing the border with many more to come, daily. It is not a secret to work the U.S. Social Service System etc. This is getting out of hand and a growing problem. Wake-up or go back to your own homeland! There must be a way to deport these individuals.


    An American with a Mexican origin.

  9. Wow, talk about racism.

    If your neighbors are loud, rude, and dirty you call the police, not the INS. Just because they are Mexican doesn't mean they are illegal. Do you have any evidence they are illegal? Stop the hate. Peace.

  10. You don't call INS (INS was replaced by USCIS on March 1 2003).

    To report suspected activity of illegal aliens, you need to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), on 1-866-347-2423.

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