Way to numb p***s???

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okay this is embarrassing lol but is there a way to like numb the tip of your p***s so you can last longer during s*x??




  1. Try using a condom?

    There are some "climax control" lubricants out there. Try using one of those. You can also try the stop and go method. (this results in better orgasms.


  2. if you go to a s*x shop they have those rings you can put around your p***s and that is supposed to make it last longer erection. i don't now if they work any one on here try them do they work???  

  3. how about you concern yourself with something other than s* might learn a lot more.

  4. Sure - dip it in bleach every night before going to bed. (Joke)

  5. Ask your dentist.

  6. wow um........I suggest...amputation.

  7. ice

  8. Go to They have a cream called Time in a Bottle under the Spice it Up section. It contains benzocane which is a numbing solution that helps prolong s*x. It's probably your best bet. They have some really good products.  

  9. liquid nitrogen helps

  10. A piercing?

  11. I'd just go at it more often, and each time focus on lasting for longer. It'd probably be more enjoyable than trying a cream, anyway.

  12. no just dont be a *****  

  13. If it's numb, you can't get it up or keep it up.

  14. idk.. mint is numbing

    normally when i guy cums the first time and trys to go at it again he last much longer

    everytime i have s*x with my guy he cums so hard that he goes numb afterwards haha

  15. WTF?

  16. maybe with creams, or other numbing agents.... but i recommend you talk to your doctor about it first to ensure there are no health risks

  17. there is a product called "De-Lay"

  18. yes, they actually sell creams for this.

  19. There are alot of products that provide this benefit, it is a perfectly normal question.  If you are using a condom, look for one that has benzocaine (SP) it is a mild numbing agent.  If you are not using a condom then there are a variety of products you can buy, probably online or in s*x shops.  I buy "Time in a bottle" through pure romance products online.  Works great!

  20. Slam it in a sliding door.  Or you could try whatever it is that you use on your brain.  That should do the trick.

  21. its is unlikely to have anything unless you use some kind of gel to make it numb for a few hours however using gel to numb it can have somekind of bad side effects.

  22. Yes, they make a cream for this.  You can find it in stores that sell sexual toys and items, usually, or order it from online sites, but they usually require you to be 18 or older.  Adam and Eve has some decent stuff along this line.  

    Do not, however, try to make your own, using one very old mixture.  Buy the cream or oil for a few bucks and don't end up in the ER having the blood drained from your manhood. :)

    They also make anal lube and oral gels, that do the same things, for the respective acts, for men and women.  Just in case you want to know for future use. :)  

    Some of these gels can be used all over the p***s, and some are intended for the glans only.  The young lady was right.  In some cases, the numbing effect can cause loss of erection, if you are not in the right mood.  I recommend the glans gel, to reduce this risk, as most of the nerves are in the glans area.  Also, some are flavored and some are not, so your partner may have an issue with them.  Using a condom works best, as it doesn't wear off as quick, or spread to your partner, who may not like going numb down there.  It doesn't always happen, but I have known it to, especially on younger women.  

    As with most products, you may have to find a brand that works.  Some use different medicines to numb the nerves, and you may have problems with irritation or not being effective.

    Good luck.

  23. There are actually products out there for this. Durex has a topical gel called "PLAY Longer."

  24. well someone i know has done this he used anbesol toothache gel to numb the tip of p***s  

  25. yea they sell creams in drug stores and they are always located right beside the condoms but if the cream is on your p***s and it is numb and then you put it in her v****a then she will be numb and both are numb how fun would that be ?

  26. this is odd but interesting...

    i dont know. apparently theres a cream. google that
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