When doing something for others?

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Do you want to be recognized for your good deed?




  1. It totally depends who you are doing it for.  If it is your family of course it would be nice to be acknowledged.  But if it is a stranger, you usually do it just to make thier day.  Like opening a door, or smilling at someone.  A smile back would be nice, but not expected.  People come and Go and some will EXCEPT your good deed and show thankfullness, while other will  EXPECT  your good deed and show nothing in return.  I feel one day in Heaven I will be recongnized for all and every good deed that I have ever done.  That is just Life!!

  2. No.A simple thank you is sufficient

  3. Yep sure do. It makes me feel good and want to do it again.  

  4. I have to admit that recognition is nice, but sometimes you do something that one doesn't aspect anything in return. Some people expect something, while others just don't. Just depends on the individual.

  5. do you know that this posted on the home page, third question???  so cool!



  6. I think at times I have, a little.  I'm not sure if that is an inner weakness or not but I do know that the times when I've rendered service to one without their knowing it was me; it was all the more rewarding.

  7. No. Doing something for others,you shouldn't feel the need to be recognized..your just doing it for yourself otherwise.

  8. It always feels good to be appreciated.  Recognition from the recipient of your kindness is enough, in my mind; any further acknowledgment by outside parties (say you do something as a good samaritan and it makes the newspapers) is just icing on the cake.

  9. The best ones are the ones I do that no one knows about

    Edit:thumbs down for being self less? cool!

  10. some type of acknowledgement would be nice

  11. No. I do it because I want to, not because I had to. So a simple thanx would be fine.

  12. i would like a "thank you" sometimes.  

  13. A 'Thank You' would be nice and make me more apt to help them again in the future.  

  14. Just a simple Thank you would be good enough for me, thank you.

  15. kinda makes the whole selfless deed seem trashy though.

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