What do you think of the new designer sperm?

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I heard about this on the news last night. It seems there is a designer sperm bank and it is harder for men to be accepted there then to get into Harvard. They said that their clients are mainly single women and L*****n couples. As of now no women with a male in her life has looked at her man and said "honey you no I love you but your genes suck!" so its not like regular men are being shoved aside for the designer sperm.

So What do you think of the new designer sperm?

and Do you think one day women may prefer to go with designer sperm over regular men? Kind of how some women will spend $500 dollars on a Prada bag even though you can get the similar bag much cheaper without the Prada logo and excellent quality.




  1. Do they have designer egg banks as well?

  2. I think one of the most awesome miracles in life happens when you find someone you love and create a new being who is half of each of you.  Some people will go for a designer baby, but I think most won't.

  3. I think that there are some women who like your example spend any amount of money to be exclusive and cool.  Like those butt less jeans that cost 700.00 o.0

    Me personally no i wouldnt go get some designer sperm, but I'm sure someone will.

  4. I frankly know nothing about this artificial sperm, but in any event it's a great step for feminism in its attempt to eradicate men, so I support it highly.  Any effort to eradicate men is part and parcel of Feminism so by omitting them from the process of procreation (in violation of natural order) is a step in the right direction for Feminism.

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