New World Record for the Germans Women’s team during the UCI Track World Championships 2012

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New World Record for the Germans Women’s team during the UCI Track World Championships 2012
After a disappointing performance by their men’s squad, Team Germany turned the tables around during the women’s team sprint at the UCI Track World Championships in Australia.
The duo of Miriam Welte and Kristina Vogel was too good for the rest of the cyclists as they sailed across the finish line in a fastest time of 00:32.630.
Anna Meares and Kaarle McCulloch of Team Australia rode brilliantly but fell short by fraction of a second in the few final metres of the race.
They finished the race with a second best time of 00:32.752 to secure the Silver medal.
Third place was occupied by Jinjie Gong and Shuang Guo of China with the best time of 00:32.937.
Kristina Vogel was over the moon after claiming the gold medal.
She briefed that they had the idea of setting the new world record at the back of their minds but planning is one thing, and actually achieving it, requires a lot of determination.
Vogel Briefed, “I don't know what we did today. It's so amazing and we never believed we could go so fast”.
"It's now just a dream and I have to calm down”.
"I told Miriam that we wanted to do a new German record but to do a new world record, it's amazing. I don't understand that at the moment", she concluded.
Australian cyclist McCulloch also shared her thoughts after crossing the finish line.
She explained that although her team fell short of the first place, still Team Australia rode brilliantly during the event.
"I take a lot of confidence out of this ride tonight”, McCulloch explained.
“There's 115 days to go to the Olympics and I can guarantee you we'll both be faster and we want to stand on that top step on the podium”.
She assured that there will be a clear difference in their performance during the 2012 Olympic Games as it is the biggest event of the year.
A remarkable display by the German Women squad during the opening race of the event after their Men’s squad failed to make an impression.
German team of Nikias Arndt, Henning Bommel, Jakob Steigmiller and Stefan Schaefer occupied the ninth overall spot during the 4 kilometre Men’s Team Pursuit.



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