Is being hostile toward men empowering?

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For anyone who is confused, this question is about explaining the behavior of those who are hostile toward men. It has nothing to do with me having "unresolved anger". I have a history of resolving anger quite satisfactorily.




  1. No, It makes me feel like a b*tch, or a mean person. I feel good about myself and empowered when I am nice to everybody.  

  2. foreal, I think you have unresolved anger towards women in general, for you to think this- maybe you are looking for reasons to lash out at women?

    People's personalities don't have ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU. It is pretty controlling of you to imagine that a person would change their personality for you, or that you have control over it. Women who are hostile towards men are also hostile towards women, but more intensely towards other women.

    There are plenty of hostile people in the world, female and male.

  3. It is being encouraged while raising your voice in response is being criminalised. Today's western women are a pampered group.

  4. No, of course not.  Why be hostile to anybody?  Karma is a b*tch!

  5. Yes.

  6. immensely

  7. For me to be hostile towards you outside of normal anger would mean that I'm filled with hatred, and that I am covering up the anger and hostility I feel for myself; in other words taking it out on you means I am cloaking it within myself. A term for this is known as projecting. It's only a fake sort of empowering, yet quite effective. The reason it is fake is because when I finish with you, deep down I am still as miserable as ever. No worries I have no need to do anything of the sort; only wanted to explain it to you.

  8. no.

  9. no it disrespectful and women who feel empowered by being hostile toward anyone have self esteem problems...

  10. If they've earned it.  If someone's been making me feel low for a long time, and I finally fix 'em good, it feels wonderful.  And it is very empowering.

    I don't just go around picking fights though.  I'd feel bad picking on someone who doesn't deserve it.

  11. No. I feel that anyone being hostile is regarded as someone who has issues with themselves. The only way it works is if the person is already in a position of power, like CEO of a corporation. Then they can act however they want.

  12. No, but based on your question, you seem to think it is.

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