Tennis divas express their feelings about the Valentine’s Day – Tennis News

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Tennis divas express their feelings about the Valentine’s Day – Tennis News
Valentine’s Day for the tennis divas brought mixed emotions. Some of them were quite happy with their relationships whilst others were sad because they were not able to prolong their past relationship(s) as much as they would have
World number three, Maria Sharapova, was one of those who were quite unhappy on the day of love because she had lost her loved one in the last season when she announced her breakup with the basketball star, Sasha Vujacic. They
were rumoured to be marrying by the end of the previous season but everything fell apart in a flash and the Russian blonde was all alone despite being with a huge group on this Valentine’s. She stated, “Well, I'm in Doha, so my team consists of my coach and
my trainer, and my hitter and my physio. I don't have a love relationship with either one of them, so.” She ended the quote with a very cute smile which clearly demonstrated the pain in her heart but life goes on.
On the other hand, we had a Dane queen, Caroline Wozniacki, who is yet to win a Grand Slam event at the professional platform. She was extremely glad on this Valentine’s Day and her boyfriend from the world of golf, Rory McIlroy,
was romantic enough to send her a bouquet on this special day. The 10th ranked Dane proclaimed, “He certainly did, yeah. I got a nice bouquet of roses, so that was nice. And maybe something else too - but that's private.” She also sent something
to her boyfriend and added about that, “He hasn't received it yet, though. But I think it should be there any minute. It's, like, just a lot of chocolate, a huge basket of chocolates.”
The 15-time Grand Slam Champion, Serena Williams, is immune to the phenomenon of this day. She stated, “I don't celebrate Valentine's, so for me just another day. I really don't do the holidays in general, so, yeah, I don't do
the Valentine's stuff.” Everyone has their own lifestyle and considering the amount of success that the 31-year-old American has witnessed, maybe the love making is just not her domain.



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