Twisted Metal to be released on Valentine’s Day, 2012

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Twisted Metal to be released on Valentine’s Day, 2012
One of the most played games on the original PlayStation was Twisted Metal. The game focused on players driving around in cars, which were loaded to the brim with weapon to try and take out opposing racers, while making your way to the finish line. Earlier
this year, Eat Sleep Play went on to reveal that they were looking to bring back the game and make it bigger and more intense than it had ever been.
The game was initially supposed to be released in October 2011, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, which revolve around the team wanting to tweak the game a little further, it was delayed to the first quarter of 2012.
However, David Jaffe has now gone on to reveal that the game is going to be launched on Valentine’s Day or February 14, to be exact. Despite it sounding like a rather odd date to release a game like Twisted Metal on Valentine’s Day, but David Jaffe has gone
on to give a fool proof reason for the game’s release. Jaffe feels that considering how special the occasion is, it is only natural for them to mark the special occasion with the release of the game.
Jaffe is quoted to have said, “It is a very romantic game, as you know. Here’s what I predict is going to happen: You’re going to have people going out to very romantic dinners and coming home and playing the c**p out of local split-screen, and then obviously
you know what happens after that. Because you know there’s nothing more romantic that blowing your significant other up with a maniacal, demonic ice-cream truck.”
Clearly, there is no sarcasm in Jaffe’s comments, as we all know that blowing up cars, with missiles and rockets is just as romantic as it gets.
With the latest instalment in the series, Eat Sleep Pray is looking to take the game to a whole new level. They are looking to incorporate some killer graphics, immersive gameplay and a story line that will have fans of the series coming back to play the
game time and time again.
The last time that any one got their hands on a Twisted Metal game was way back in 2008, and since then, everyone has been eager to get their hands on a next gen version of the game. With everyone finally being on the brink of getting their wish fulfilled,
it would be a disaster if the game did not live up to the expectations that it has now developed.



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