I keep having a man in my dreams?

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in this dream a man with black medium scruffy hair, eyes like a void and pale white skin comes and talks with me.. sometimes he just goes on doing what he does... and other times.. hes asleep..

i don't get it...

he's in every single one of my dreams..

what could it be..




  1. when you dream of the same person over and over again, but you dont know him/her at the moment, it usually says he/she is your soul mate.

  2. This man with black medium scruffy hair may reflect the waking life support you can't get.

    In other words, he is a symbol of help you need.  The depressing things he shared with you symbolize the need to share your own feeling. You may be feeling no where to share  your sad feelings.  Projecting this man can be a release to your dream.   In translation, children may have invisible friends in waking life.  Others may project someone or something in the dream to reflect their needs in life.

    In your case, this man with stars in his eyes, and nice to you and talking to you all the time symbolize support you are looking for.  Basically, you want someone to understand you more and that is why you had this dream vent out.

  3. That's the image of your previous life. :D

  4. I'm usually pretty good at this but. Well I'll give it a shot. I think this is a soul that does not know he has passed on. Is your house old. Do you remember what he's talking about or what he's doing. Do you know of anyone that has died? How long has this been going on?

    I say this because the eyes seem void of life and pale skin.

    You might try if you can talk to him. Tell him he has passed and that his time on earth has come to a end. That he is free of his earthly bonds and it is time to move on.

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