I keep having dreams about...?

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this mate of mine, he lives over the other side of the world. I havent seen him in 5 years but we talk once a week. We are getting closer and closer lately. The thing is i seem to be dreaming about him all the time - like dreams about us at a football game, just talking (in the convo we talked about music), hugging - and when i wake up i can still feel the hug, and snuggling up in bed. I have been having the best sleeps from it. Could these dreams mean something or be a sign? I usually never remember my dreams but fo some reason i can remember all of these?! Thanks!




  1. The fact that you remember the dream is not really significant, it just means the dream occurred right before you woke up. At least that's my understanding of how dreams work. You are actually probably waking up while in the middle of one of these dreams (do the dreams seem complete?) Of course, all your other dreams (which you don't remember) could be of this guy too, who knows? Is it a sign? Yes! It's a sign that you really like this guy, and that you need to figure out if it could work between you guys. The distance might be a problem, but you won't find out unless you try.

  2. You have feelings for him. the dreams that you have is a way that your subconscious deals with thoughts memories and even stress. the ones you remember are the important ones

  3. Well it's obvious that you both have a strong connection. A bond that can bring two people close through many kinds of forms. You dreams about the both of you hanging out is typical dreams that everyone has when they have a crush on someone. It means that it is possible for two people on opposite sides of the world can be together. We usually remember really scarey dreams or really happy ones so that's normal. Good luck!

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