Really sick dream please help?

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Last night was the second night ive had this dream and its so messed up.

I dream that my step dad is trying to touch me, but the weird thing is I like it! I want it to continue but it stops before stuff gets serious.

Please help cause im a decent person and i feel like a freak ;)




  1. you are likely getting some sort of mixed messages from your subconscious about things that are going on in real life.  Ask yourself what thoughts you are having while your awake that surround your step dad.  Likely it has nothing to do with s*x but something else you are uncomfortable about.

    If this guys is ok maybe you are having a hard time with him being a replacement for your dad, which he is not, and you feel like his getting close to you is invading your personal space.  You may like him but subconsciously need to figure out whether you should reject him.  Your "dream willingness" to submit to him may be an interpretation of your real world willingness to accept him as part of the family.  This can be awckward and feel wrong.  Good luck.

  2. You're hot for your stepdad.  It's okay, a lot of people are, he's a decent looking dude.

  3. I had a dream were my cousin and her boyfriend were having s*x and i was in the closet watching...ewww i now

    I dont think we can help what we dream

    Answer mine please;...

  4. Don't worry about it!  All it is is a dream, it doesn't mean anything.  You may have seen a TV show or news story that had something like this in it and you are just replacing the people with more familiar people.  I wouldn't worry about this.  

  5. That is a sick dream but the interpretation isn't... Keep in mind dreams are what your subconscious is painting so the interpretation are like horoscopes, its a generalization of what your subconcious is doing.


    If this dream relates to real-life experiences with incest, then you need to seek professional advice or counseling.

    To dream of incestuous practices, signifies erotic desires. It may also be representative of the union between masculine and feminine aspects of yourself. You are in a phase in your life where you are not quite a child and not quite an adult, and thus this dream may be symbolic of the merging of the child and adult within yourself.

  6. I hate to say it but Ive had weird dreams like that, don't feel like a freak cause you never are, usually your dreams are represented for something else in your life meaning... the step dad part might be someone else but its just putting him in that spot. Your dreams are usually telling you stories and are trying to make sense of the stuff you've learnt every new day. I get weird dreams like that so don't think your a freak! If you hold your dad  high in life then it puts him in that spot to make sense of it all for your brain to receive it, really it could be some girl at school or even some guy, so don't worry it'll make sense sooner or later.

  7. Please, don't take it any further in real life, you know that seriously, nothing can happen and if anything did, you have your family to think about - what about your ma?

    Dreams are great things, can be really fun and 'enjoyable', but keep it in your dreams - that way you have something for yourself all the time.

  8. Well, I know what the dream means, but it won't make any sense to anyone, which is frustrating the h**l out of me.

    Instead of beating around the bush this time and cleaning this up for posterity's sake, I'm just going to lay it on the line.

    Dreams are about eternal life.  In eternal life, we don't follow the same rules that we have here because nobody can get hurt.  Since we're all immortal, all-knowing gods, we can have s*x with each other and take on any appearance we want. Since both are gods, age-of-appearance difference is no problem.  One can look 10 while the other looks 17, or 21 or 25 or whatever.  They're just bodies, not a mark of understanding, which at that point, would be completely filled.

    Dreams are clues to your eternal future.  I think this dream means that on an eternal level, you're going to look like a boy, and you're going to have a lot of s*x of that type, and you WILL like it, just as you did in the dream.  The fortunate part is that everyone will have beautiful bodies, and it won't be your stepdad there doing anything to you.  That's a temporary body, and while you might end up in some interaction with his spirit, you won't know him as your stepdad anymore, but as you knew him and yourself before creation immortal gods come to earth to acquire, immortalize, and beautify physical bodies for eternal pleasures.

    I know there are going to be some lunatics who read this and think I support intergenerational s*x.  I do NOT.  I simply understand the relationship between temporal and eternal life.  There's a time and place for everything, and now isn't the time for that to be happening.

  9. 1.) kill your step father

    2.) ?????

    3.) PROFIT!!

  10. omg, thats a wird dream, try finding a boy friend  

  11. maybe he is the onley male in ur family

    and u r the younger one in ur family i mean brothers or sisters

      if u find in real life he is look at you in bad tell your mom  

  12. lol dave

  13. If you are serious, I don't think it's a sick dream.  It comes from having another man in your life that you look up to.  Sometimes sexual dreams mean everything except s*x.  You just want him to stay around is what I would suspect.  Don't listen to the other answerers.

  14. aww poor thing dont be soo hard on urself!

    its okay!

    maybe ur into ur daddy

    & thats okay but just leave it off like that!

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