Weird and disturbing dream.?

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So i had a weird dream last night that went like this...I was looking after my friends little sister and i had her on a lead...weird...and we walked under an underpassage and there was like a big group of men.

They were like staring at Jess (my friends little sister) and then they said to me 'ill pay you for s*x with her' and i was like 'heck no you weird pedofiles' and then i tried to pull her closer to me on the lead but the lead kept getting longer and she was like right near the group, but then eventually i pulled her closer. I went to my grandparents house and took jess with me and by this time it was night,i looked out the window and the men that were under the underpassage were just there staring at jess through the window so i tried to call the police. When i called the police they wouldnt come and they kept telling me to call all these different numbers and i was calling all of the different numbers all night, but still, they wouldn't come and get these weird men away. By the time i had given up on calling all of the numbers it was dawn and plucked the courage to look out of the window...when i looked the whole road outside was on fire but still the men were still there staring.

What does this dream mean? I don't know why i had it, it may be the fact that im having family problems at the moment and im quite depressed? I dont know. I know this isnt like a 'doctor' website or anything but people on here seem to give good advice.

I would be very greatful for any advice.




  1. Do you think of Jess as your little sister? Do you have younger siblings yourself? Maybe you feel the need to be a protector of kids, keeping them away from pedophiles and such... the leash/lead is your idea of controlling her, but the fact that it would get longer is something telling you that you know you'll never have full control over her. And it might not be about her, it could be someone else. It seems that the person would have to be young, though, otherwise it wouldn't make sense for her to be there.

    Also, Jess could've been put in your dream to replace her sister/your friend. Perhaps you're worried about her, thinking that if you can't control her or protect her, something bad will happen.

  2. are you feeling guilty or bad because you are leading somebody into something that may not be good for them? Or do you feel that you are being led down a path thats not right for you?

    Calling the police and not getting them to help could be about your family issues, police represent authority figures and you keep trying to get thier help and cannot get it. Is there an issue in your life right now whre you have been trying to get a parent /teacher to listen to you that there is a problem but they keep pushing you off?

    The road on fire  is further sign that the road you are on or considering could be harmful to you. The little girl is part of you ,your innocence that seems to be in jeopardy. Let me know if I'm on the right track.

    Even better I strongly reccomend going to this site is run by a real Dream Expert Lauri Loewenberg and you can register for free and get access to her private site where you can enter this dream and get an instant interp.

    I'll look for your response, bottom line is don't worry! your dreams are there to help you, guide you towards what makes you happy.

  3. There is one thing you have to remember, dreams are made of the information stored in your subconscious, there only thoughts.  

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