Explain this part two of this dream i had?

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(she meaning the girl i have feelings for) shortly afterward(leaving a mansion) she and her friends came down her friend hugged me from behind while i was looking out the window, and her other friends just kept walking, and they were dressed, like a prom dress. so we all walked out to this old truck, jeep( the kind with a bed in the back for carying construction materials, but a roof over the bed and small windows on the side). my bestfriend, which is a guy, got in the passenger seat with some girl driving. then myself the girl i like and her friends got in the back.She was sitting right in front of me and it was hot so i told my friend to roll down the window, then her friend repeated me(not in a mocking way). so my arm is resting on my knee, but my hand was hanging off (how your arm sits in an arm rest) then she stares at me a little while and i stare at her, then I look away down at the ground.So she grabs my hand (like meshing your fingers together) looks at me and smiles, so i smile back, then i all of a sudden I wake up.




  1. you like this girl, but you also have an attraction to her friend which is why her friend hugged you from behind in the dream.  you maybe have an attraction to both girls.

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