I had a horrible dream just now. Would you like to help me understand? (long read)?

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A y!a member posted a question about a girl he was dating who was from Atlanta, and she would often visit him. I forgot what state or city but it started with the letter 'C'. The question was something similar to, "If she talks about how bad guys are in Atlanta and she doesn't complain about me...what does that mean?"

Weirdly thing you know I'm standing right in front of the guy. This guy turns out to be someone I attended college with. He also had a friend with him. Both of them football players. I can't believe I had a dream about these two guys. So here's the scene...

I'm at my grandmother's house (my mother's mother, who passed years ago). One guy (the guy who did --not-- post the yahoo question) is sitting in the front seat of an old car, smoking. The car was a gold color and it looked like this The other guy (the one who posted the question on y!a ) is standing up leaning on the hood of the oldsmobile smoking.

I'm parked in the middle of the yard in my White Toyota, sitting in the back seat with my laptop in my lap, answering his freaking y!a question, BUT I was shirtless. While I was typing away on my laptop they were talking, but of course you know how dreams are I couldn't make out what they were saying. I also said something but I can't remember what I said.

As time goes by (who knows how much time) I eventually put on my shirt, which turns out to be the night shirt that I'm actually wearing now...and thankfully I am wearing jeans and sneakers.

Time goes by again and next thing you know my backseat turns into --their- oldsmobile and the two guys are driver and passenger (the front seat passenger was the guy who posted the question on y!a to be specific). I'm still sitting in the backseat, with my laptop in my lap, I'm wearing all of my clothes now...but something was terribly wrong. Although I could not understand what they were saying I had a horrible feeling something terrible was about to happen.

The two guys began to drive around to the back of the house, which is nothing but a straw field, but you could see a little path that leads even further into the woods. I just knew they were going to try and take me there. I had a feeling they were going to try and rape me. They kept laughing and being sneaky...Anyhow I told them to take me to the road because I had to go. The driver steered the car in another direction that led to the road and I remember feeling relieved. I even started talking to them as if everything was okay, but then the driver tried to steer the car BACK towards the straw field and I started yelling, 'You need to drop me off'. I was afraid to jump out of the car...I don't know why.

The driver parks the car in the middle of the drive way. I get out of the car with my keys ready in hand and I notice my White Toyota is parked in the middle of the street. I walk over to my car in a hurry, but I didn't want to run because I remember feeling 'if I run then they'd chase me (sort of like dogs)'. Out of nowhere I have two extra bags AND my laptop to put in the car so I walk over to the passenger side of my car, unlock the lock (sigh), and place all of my things in the car. As I was doing this one of the guys (the one who posted the question on y!a) began walking toward me and I had a horrible feeling all over again. He tried to stop me a few times from getting inside my car but I managed somehow.

--I just could not move fast enough--. For some reason I could --not-- panic, yell, or run. I yelled for help and what were supposed to be screams sounded like general talking. I felt so helpless. I finally got inside my car and started driving and I wasn't able to speed away. I noticed my gas was near full, but I was not able to speed away.

I finally got away.

Wtheck was that about? I was about to be raped and I couldn't run?




  1. of course, i would like to help you! but i can't. sorry. although that's weird. maybe you should like, watch out for awhile or something.

  2. i think are you both embarrassed and frightened about something that happened to you, if you are very upset by this dream consult a therapist

  3. Just a dream, but it was to answer your question to your question, the guy is a player!  

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