Curious of what my gf's dream means..She couldn't put out the fire?

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My gf was over yesterday and she just randomly told me about her dream.

She said that in her dream she went into her room and then her bed just randomly burst into flames. So, she ran and got buckets of water and the fire would go down for like a second or two, but then it'll come right back.

She couldn't put out the fire in her bed AT ALL throughout her whoooole dream.

I know those kind of..weird-ish dreams have meanings behind them, so does anyone know any idea of what this dream might mean??

OH And also, after she stopped telling me about it, I thought it was kind of ironic 'cause something like that did happen to her in reality when she was younger..

She was in her bed and her heater caught her bed fire, and she was still sleeping in it until her mom came and took her out the bed and out the house and their whole house caught on fire.

I dun know if that has ANYTHING to do with her weird dream, but just thought I'd throw that in there...

But, yeah..we're both just curious as to what's the meaning of that? :/




  1. Hmm... I don't know. Maybe it'll happen again, ooorrr, her soul isn't over that happening quite yet, and still remembers even though her brain doesn't as much as her soul.

    Soul + Brain + Sleep = DREAM! It's like T.V. A group of people, (Soul and Brain) Come up with something to entertain, inform, or persuade you. (The Dream). So basically, the soul and the brain teamed up and appariently showed you a program about the past... Like the History Channel.


  2. Sounds like a feeling of helplessness manifesting itself in the form of a fire that won't go out.  There is so much in this world and in our lives that we just have absolutely no control over.  Something like a fire happening or lightning striking.  It's just a feeling of helplessness.....and I think everyone fears that.  Sounds like just a release dream.  Even though she couldn't help herself in the fire, she woke up just fine......proving that she can deal with the things she has no control over and be just fine in the end!

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