I dreamt about this a few nights ago. What does it mean?

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Please bear with me as I don't like the dream description myself. If you're afraid of reading weird and pukey dreams, then don't read my dream below.

For those who can bear it, what does this dream of mine mean below that I dreamt?

I dreamt that I was inside a car flooded with water in the backseat and maybe relatives in the front seat, and then we opened the door to remove some water, and then when opening the door, there were some rodents coming out from some sides or places in the car.

What does this terrible decription of my dream mean?




  1. Car is a mode of transportation

    Water is life

    rats are considered by most to be disease carriers and viewed with disgust.

    Your life may be hindering your movement in some way.  Are you being held back in your job or school.  Are you having relationship problems?

    You may perceive some 'rats' that are preventing you from moving on in your life.

    Please consider in your waking like how your feel held back, or down and then you may be able to identify the rats.  What you do to change will depend on who the rats are.

  2. it means u n ur family hav too many unresolved issues and ur worrying or thunking about em too much. you try to just brush em off or look for a quick fix to ur issues (opening door to let water out) but the rodents simbolize far deeper issues thatwill continue to occur if u dont tackle it at the root.

  3. I'm not sure, but if you dreamt of rodents, then it means that someone is talking about you behind your back, someone is jealous and wishes you bad. Or your dream wants to worn you from someone.

    If you want my advise, you shouldn't care. It's just a bad dream, and we all have them. Sometimes I have very bad dreams, but nothing bad happenes. So, just stop thinking about it.

  4. I get most of my dream interps from the source named below, Zolar, he used many of the interpretations from the first documented source, Artemedorus Dalidarius in the second century A.D.

    riding with family in automobile: will be confronted with gossip

    water: abundance

    saving yourself from a flood: you have one loyal friend

    relatives being in a flood: a false friend is nearby

    mice: troubles through a business

    many rats: serious trouble to come

    If you ask me based on the info it appears to be a friendship issue.  Also according to Zolar's info about Astrology he notes dreams occurring from the 1st to the 31st of the month.  For example, if this dream occurred on the 15th- Dream will come true, 16th- Your wish will bring results, 17th- Keep the dream a secret for 30 days, on the 18th- Don't trust your friends. Anyway, it is a great reference!

  5. Your trying to get closer and patch things up with your family but things are just getting in the way. I hope that helps.  

  6. You are at the mercy of the people around you, overwhelmed by the worldly events created by these people.  Could be relatives.  These relatives are rats, they are perverse corrupted women who have a hand in your life in some way. Beware.


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