Why do i keep having these dreams?

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i dont know why, but i keep on having dreams about babys, then when i wake up- i'll day dream about babys! its impossible for me to be pregnant, and the dreams started at the begining of the summer




  1. i think it means that even though u couldn't possibly be pregnant u want to be.

    If u r 12-14 there is one thing u can do to get rid of these dreams.

    It is masturbation. If u r having baby dreams it most likely means that u wanna have s3x and have babies it is a sesible choice. It gives u the same pleasure as s3x so it might be worth trying.

    I hope that helps

  2. ur probably pregnant Lol

  3. why dont you try out these sites and the dream dictionaries in them...

  4. When I was 15 I dreamed that I had a baby, in the same dream(this was weird) She was about 5ish, and she ask me what her name was, and I told her. Now 7 years later I have a daughter that looks like the child from my dream...And I named her the same as it was in my dream too!! Both my sisters dreamed of their unborn children too!!

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