How do I get rid of the freaking bats that continue to invade my attic area???

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I am going out of my mind on how to get rid of these flying rodents!!!.....We called an exterminator and he told us that a product that he uses to get rid of them is just like moth balls. He told us to talk panty hose and fill them with moth balls and hang them in the attic. Apparently the little flying monsters cant stand the smell of them. So we did this and it worked for about all of 1 day. They're back. They are beginning to ruin my home with the smell of their excrement. My stairs and upstairs hallway smell like a huge p**s bomb!!!. Please help!!!




  1. you need to seal up any and all cracks or openings into your attic to keep them out.

  2. Check for gaps or holes in the attic area.  Bats can squeeze in very tiny places.  If you have any damaged or missing soffit vent grilles or any roof vents that aren't protected with a grille (such as rotary vents), bats can get in easily.   Replace any turbine vents with screened passives.

    I don't recommend moth balls since they're toxic to breathe and they do sublimate and give off carcinogenic gases.

  3. Play owl call recordings?

  4. There are a variety of products available on the market that make bats irritated or otherwise uncomfortable without harming them. Options include the Transonic Pro for ultrasonic coverage, and other roosting barriers such as netting.

  5. Don't know where you live, but bats can be very beneficial to the environment, especially if you have mosquitos around.  The little buggers will eat two or three times their own weight in mosquitos each night, and that keeps them from biting you.   I've heard many of my friends have had success with building bat houses and hanging them on the side of barns in the area.  I'm sure you can find plans for them on the web somewhere.

  6. If you know how they are getting in then you need to cover that opening with a flap of some sort. You want them to be able to fly out at dusk, but not back in later. Check in the eaves for any holes and close them off. after a few days they should all be gone and you can repair any openings permanently! Good Luck!

  7. just leave a light on a flourescent light that you won't have to use too much wattage. get a pellet gun and shoot them all.

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