How do I get rid of squirrels invading my attic?

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How do I get rid of squirrels invading my attic?




  1. Get a cat, give it access to the attic. When the squirrels have departed, seal up their entrances.

  2. I would set out live traps in the attic. It is a cage that catches the animal without harming them and you will then be able to transport it out of your house. Also try and find how they are getting into your attic and fix that.  

  3. Try rat traps (The BIG ones) with peanut butter.

    also, Try low amp, high volt, bare, electrified wires running everywhere in your attic. They will not kill but will give one (bad word) of a sting.

  4. You can get some fox urine from most hardware stores. The fox is a natural predator of the squirrel and they will leave the attic. You won't be able to smell the fox urine so don't be afraid that your house will smell... You'll then want to fix their entrance. If you are lucky they will be gray squirrels and not the smaller nastier red squirrels.

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