I have a bat in my attic?

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They are in a place in my attic where we can't get to, and we can't get to the opening either, how do we get rid of them without calling an expert?

Will turning on the light in the attic for the night help?

Will any smells work?




  1. hmm i think you might want to get an expert

    these bats COULD be dangerous! o:

    or what you can also do is go to

    home depot or anystore like that

    and they have like this machine that irrates

    the ears of animals and you set it what animal

    like squirrel bats and stuff

    hoped i helped (:

  2. If you are in the Uk, the bats will firstly be completely harmless and secondly and more importantly, all species of british bat are protected.

    Please see the link below to the bat conservation trust. They have a link to a page about living with bats.  

  3. oh my...if you are in the uk you CAN'T get rid of them...they are is illegal to harm or try to move them.

  4. No, you need to call an expert to get rid of the bat and then to identify where it came in.  That spot will have to be fixed or you'll keep getting bats.

  5. you should try and pull them out with food make an opening for them to fly out and let them eat the food  

  6. Crossbow!!!

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