How do i get rid of bats from my Attic

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Bats are just flying in the cracks to my attic and i tryed this poison but it didnt work i really want them gone please help.




  1. I will make an odd suggestion.  Unless you use the attic an absolute ton, if at all, i would let the bats stay there and actually multiply. Here is why.  The cost of bat guano, the price paid, is so high that you could conceivably have the guano shovelled up once a year and sold.  It'll pay for your property taxes, insurance and maybe a couple of mortage payments each year.

    If you're dead set on getting rid of them, what farmers do in South America with vampire bats is capture one during the day while they're sleeping, hanging in a cave. They rub stricnine all over the one bat, then let it go back to sleep.  Bats will clean each other, all the other bats will l**k off the stricnine and die.  

  2. call somebody who does that. or

    1. chase the bats out

    2. close off the openings they use to get in

  3. bats are your friends

  4. dont let them just stay. their....c** very bad for you to inhale. you need to call a pest company. they will leave traps in there and capture and get rid of them for you. then they have to clean up all the c**p. please dont just leave them. their c**p can get 5 feet tall, since all they do in there is sleep and c**p.

    (sorry for saying c**p, i couldnt think of a better word)

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