Need sand filter pump help!!!?

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I have a Hayward Sandfilter swimming pool pump, it was given to me and thay never used it. Can someone tell me what all the ball vaulv settings mean and is there a sequence that I have to go through to clean it out.




  1. Filter is when you run the filter. Close is when you close your pool. Backwash is when your gage is running high or the water level is high you need to run this.Also if your water is really nasty you need to clean out the filtration system by doing this. Run this until the water runs clear. Appox. a minute or so.  I can't remember what the others are but I don't think I use them. I hope this helped. Good luck!

  2. Try this website it may help....

  3. need to back wash first, flush second then filter last,

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