How do I fix my air conditioner?

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How do I fix my air conditioner?




  1. HVAC Tech.: That is like asking how do I fix my car? Dose it have a flat, or it just wont start? NO BODY can tell you where to start with no more information than you have given. Want to try again ? What do you BELIEVE the problem is?What is the unit doing (or not doing)?

  2. You use your HVAC knowledge and tools to determine the problem, and take corrective action.

  3. Need more info.

  4. Let your fingers do the walking, check the YELLOW PAGES under Air Conditioning.

  5. Mi gallito: what is your question? what is the problem to your ac unit. Give me more information. Describe what is doing. Is the blower working... Is the Tstat on? Is there power to the ac unit? what type of unit is it? is it a window unit? is it a split system? is it a one single package unit? size of home, size of ac unit in tons.. All of these ? are important. thank you. I'm not here to teach a class. I'm here to help trouble shoot.

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