How do i use my wet stone?

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i have multiple knifes needing sharpining but i follow the instructions and they dont get mutch sharper. i do have the fine stone for sharper blades and that dosnt help




  1. Sharpening knives takes lots and lots of practice.  Don't give up.

    The angle the knife hits the stone needs to be the same every single stroke, if it changes, you are dulling the blade; not sharpening it.

    Don't use a lot of pressure, stroke the knife against the stone as if you are trying to slice a thin sheet of it off the top.  Mentally picture the slice being the same thickness all the way across.  Do 10-20 slices on one side, then flip the knife over and do the other side.  Check your progress; continue for as long as you need to.

    Good luck!

  2. get warm soapy water and wet the stone down slightly. Then hold the blade of the knife at about a 10 degree angle to the stone and slide down the stone. Do this a LOT on both sides of the knife.

  3. The older knives get, the more rounded the cutting edge gets, and once they get significantly rounded, they need to be made thinner.

    If that's the stage you're at, fine stones are the wrong choice.

    Look at a "new" knife, and notice how thin the blade is, just above the cutting edge.

    That's best done with power tools, but you can still get there by hand if you're patient.

    Good luck

  4. What kind of steel are the blades?  If they are stainless, a wet stone is nearly useless. For stainless a power sharpener is much easier and faster. If they are good carbon steel blades, a couple of quick strokes on the stone to each side of the blade should be all it takes.  For long kitchen knives, I still prefer a sharpening steel. Always a sharp blade and quick too.

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