I have and older dryer (Sears Kenmore) that won't heat anymore. No flame is present below. What causes this?

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I cleaned all the dust and lint away from the sensor/flame unit. Still no luck. When I put a match where the flame should be there is no gas present even hough it worked fine for many years up to right now. Thanks!




  1. Unplug the drier, It could be a flame protection device they put under the lint screen duct. If it's a front load... pull the front ( pry from top, hinges at the bottom, this cover is at your feet,  2 wires. The part is $5... enter your part number at this site...

    It could also be a ignitor (glows) when the cycle first starts.

  2. there is no gas getting through to the line.

  3. If it has a pilot flame that's on all the time that means that your thermocouple is either shot or you moved it out of place when you dusted.

    Sears will have the part and will tell you how to replace it.

    If it is the ignighter type, that's even easier to replace. There is one s***w and one or two wires to disconnect. They can also tell you how to replace it and what tools you'll need.

  4. The only way the word older would be a help here would be if there were some number of years connected to it.    If this unit had a standing pilot, that is a pilot flame that was lit constantly, then it's past it's prime and could stand to be replaced.  If not, then it's got a ceramic igniter that operates the gas valve, which won't open to release gas to the burner unless the igniter is functional and the flame sensor feels the proper amount of heat.   If it never had a standing pilot and you don't see any glowing element in the burner area when you start it running, then the igniter is bad.    It's not a project most people would try to do themselves.   You might want to call a service  person.

  5. Yeah, the gas is not getting to where it needs to be. I deliver for Sears & the average life for most appliances is 10 years. Refrigerators can last many years longer b/c ther are fewer moving parts. Anyway, if your dryer is greater than 10 years old, then replace it w/ an efficient one. Don't take the risk of trying to repair it yourself. Many times the pro repair man can charge as much in parts & labor as you would spend on a new one anyway. Walk the floor at a Sears store for a closeout special. In these economic times, a good deal is easy to get. Bargain for old appliance haul away, free delivery & set up, or a bigger discount. If the sales person can't budge on the price, ask for the mgr to negotiate a better price. Agree to buy it right then & there for another 15% off the already dicounted price. There is huge markup in most appliances anyway. Sears is actually not doing very well lately. They have huge overstock in appliances in certain markets & will do anything to get rid of some models. The reason they have huge overstock is b/c they contracted for so many appliances awhile ago before this recession kicked in. They had no choice but to honor the contracts or face even bigger financial losses. G'luck.

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