What temperature do you keep your thermostat at in summer and what state or country do you live?

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Me, 69-70, Alabama(from PA) and hubby thinks its too cool.




  1. Hey, I am SO with you on this one.  We live in East TX, and hubby and I have to have it between 68 and 70.  If it's any higher than that we get cranky!!  And I thank God every summer day for air conditioning.

  2. 78 and live in South Texas....costs are too high if I keep it any lower than that. that's what ceiling fans help with.

  3. Well, your hubby is right. We keep ours at 78 and use ceiling fans. Here in Texas we don't have that TVA supplied electricity which is super cheap because the federal government sells it at a loss.

  4. I live in central florida, I keep my T-Stat at 75, my 1.5 Ton 13 SEER keeps my 700 sq.ft. apartment ice cold with a very low electric bill.

  5. Verdugo: Just keep it 10 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the outside temperature. It all depends on the outside temperature. Make sure that your unit is properly sized. Otherwise, is the ac unit is undersized it will never satisfy the space temperature and will eventually freeze up after 12 hours of continuous use.

  6. Sorry... I'm from Puerto Rico. It is HOT here!! 95 degrees!

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