When working out with weights or doing crunches etc?

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really im asking when you do these thing should you push yourself e.g. carry on even if it hurts?




  1. no , stop when it hurts ,

  2. Yes but as long as it's a burn and not pain, you have to differentiate the two.  

  3. No. Pain is not weakness leaving your body, it's telling to to stop what you're doing so you don't further injure yourself.

  4. wen lifting weghts i think u should stop if it hurts...

    but if u really wanna build muscle that bad try drinking at least 3 raw eggs a day it helps u get more muscle...

  5. With crunches, yes, but if you're lifting weights and it starts to hurt really bad, then stop.  It's okay if there is a little burn when lifting, but if it hurts, stop.  As for crunches, I believe you're supposed to push yourself even if it hurts.

    Hope I helped (:

  6. What kind of pain?

    Is the pain like "ow i broke my arm"

    or "ow, my arms are getting exhausted?"

    chances are if you are  doing it correctly, its the second pain, and if that's the case, keep going until you literally can not do it anymore

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