Erections won't stop at all how do i control them

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how do i stop them they come up no matter what i do




  1. m********e. this helps you to control it better

  2. u can't control them! DUH!!! but he get them when u think or look at s**y things. or sometimes u just get them

  3. push it back down again lol..


  4. Trust me, you don't want to interfere with them.  The time will come all too soon when you'll give anything to be able to have erections as easily as you do now.  It's just your hormones at work.  And they're not nearly as noticeable to others as they are to you. You get used to it.  

  5. chop it off

  6. Be glad you are having erections and enjoy them while you're young. There will come a day when you'll wish you had them more often.

  7. You must suffer a Priapism. It's a condition in which the p***s is continually erect; usually painful and seldom with sexual arousal. Go see a doctor. They recommend that any erection lasting more than four hours should seek medical evaluation and treatment. If left untreated, the condition can significantly damage erectile function or veins may rupture. I don't know if there are some medicines  or techniques that can reduce blood flow in the p***s. Take a cold shower. I heard Tylenol helps. I know it sounds weird but I was told. Try to hang out much or play football..

    Stop what your doing or thinking about, you'll be ok..

  8. you may not be able to control it its just man hood human nature

  9. tape ur d**k to urself! lol, no just think of the ugliest person u know!

  10. I'm guessing you're at that age where you just get an erection out of the blue.  You can't stop them.  You can try to think of things that are unpleasant (ice cubes down the back, math equations, bugs, etc) but I don't think this system will actually work for you since you're not thinking of anything in particular to suffer in the first place.  

    So, since you can't make them stop what you can do is wear stiff pants.  Jeans are best.  With a belt.  Don't, whatever you do, don't wear sweatpants.  This way, when you do get one, really quickly (and try not to be noticeable about it) reach down your pants and pull it up so it's being held under your belt.  This will keep it from pushing your pants out (and therefore making it very obvious what you're suffering from).  Good luck.

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